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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the hotel?

To be located in İncekum region of Alanya county, Antalya city, our hotel is within a 22 km distance from Alanya, 105 km from Antalya Airport, in 58 km from Gazi Paşa Airport and only 27 km from Akseki – Konya – Ankara junction. 

What is the concept of the hotel?

To offer a Non-Alcoholic Unique holiday service, our hotel will welcome you, our respected guests with the Premium All Inclusive concept. 

How are we different from other hotels?

First of all, we have professional managers who come from the concept itself and who are aware of the wishes and expectations of our guests. 
In addition to the separate pools and beaches offered to Ladies only or Men only concepts, we provide the one and only MIX (Common) pool and beach opportunity to our guests. Accordingly, you can have fun in the pools or by the sea with your family and enjoy your holiday in the best way possible.  

Are the beaches and pools separate?

We have Ladies only and Men only pools and beaches. In addition to these separate beaches, we also have a MIX (common) beach and pool where our guests have fun with their families. 

Can the Ladies only beach and pools be seen from outside?

There are several privileges for our female guests in Adin Beach Hotel. Since we are aware of this concern by our female guests, we take all the possible precautions. It is not possible to see the ladies only pools or the beach from outside or from the hotel rooms. 

Is there any A’la Carte Restaurant ?

There are 3 A’la Carte restaurants in our hotel: Ottoman A’la Carte, Mediterranean A’la Carte and Tex-MexA’laCarteRestaurants. 

The guests who stay in the hotel for minimum 1(one) week can use only 1(one) A’la Carte restaurant for only 1(one) time only after they make a reservation from the Customer Relations Department.  

At what time do I need to check-out from the hotel?

On your last day of your holiday, you need to leave your room at 11:00 am. We need to clean and prepare the room for the other guests to stay in that room. 
You need to leave the hotel at 12:00 am at the latest. Unfortunately, you are not provided with lunch service on your check-out day. If you do not leave the hotel at the stated hour, you need to pay the daily price of your room over the current price rates.

How can I make the payment?

You can make the payments with credit cards during the reservation in one or more than one installments or you can make a bank transfer. 
You can also make your reservation and reservation payments easily through Online Reservation Channel which we have specially designed for our respected guests. Therefore, you do not need to share your credit card information and can make your reservation much faster.  

Can I pay during the check-in process?

As Adin Beach Hotel, in order for us to reserve your room, the payment should be made while making reservation. If the payment is not made during the reservation, we cannot reserve your room for you and you might not be able to find a suitable room when you come to the hotel. 

Can I change the dates of my stay?

You can make changes in your reservation at least 7 nights before your reserved date. If there are 7 nights or less left to your reservation, you cannot make any change, payment is collected for the days when you are not in the hotel and no refund is made.

If the guest leave the hotel early, do you make a refund for the days he/she does not use or can he/she use these days later on?

No refund is made and he/she cannot use those days later on


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