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Human Resources

HR Policy
Tourism has a service centered structure. The quality of the service to be offered to the guests is generated by a powerful human labor planning. And this is provided by the right labor force at the right time and right place.

HR Mission
By generating the experienced, qualified and innovative human labor with the modern HR applications, carrying Adin Beach Hotel to the future.

HR Vision
Being the brand which employs the best of the sector.
First Step into Adin Beach Hotel

Job Application Process
The applicants who would like to make a job application to our company can fill in the form on our website or send their resumes including detailed career information to the e-mail address: ik@adinhotel.com
The applications made to our company are stored in our resume data base for 2 years in order to be assessed for any possible demand. For the needs of personnel, the inner resources are primarily evaluated.
If there is a need of personnel to be employed outside the corporation, our available positions are placed in human resources web sites and human resources annexes of the newspapers that we have subscribed in.
The application forms in resume data center and belonging to the applicants who apply to our available positions are evaluated by our HR team and as the next step in personnel selection and placement; they are invited to the interviews that we organize.
No matter positive or negative, the results of these interviews are definitely announced to the applications in written formats. 

Internship Application Process
In our company, “High School” and “University” students can be interns. The internship organizations can be arranged by connecting to the schools and also the students can send their resumes to the address: ik@adinhotel.com by stating that it is an internship application. The interns to be employed in our hotel for the summer seasons are determined among the students who apply for these positions and announced accordingly.  


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