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At Adin Hotel, More Than Your Dream Holiday

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Holidaycheck Satisfaction 
94 out of every 100 guests
Leave Satisfied with Their Adin Experience.

Adin Hotel is a one that stands out for its emphasis on customer satisfaction. 94 guests out of every 100, leave extremely satisfied with their experience at the hotel. The hotel maximizes satisfaction by providing high quality services to its guests, ensuring a comfortable stay, and meeting the requests of its guests.

We have certified that 
We provide services with 100% Halal Products

As Adin Beach Hotel, halal tourism is our priority. For this reason, all food, deli, cleaning, and cosmetics products in our facility are procured from producers with halal certificates. By 2023, we have certified that all of our products are 100% halal with the international halal certificate we obtained.

Returning Guests
70 out of every 100 guests
Prefer Adin again.

Adin Hotel stands out for its emphasis on customer satisfaction. 70 guests out of every 100, repeat their reservations to stay at Adin.

Free Steps Women Only Spaces

Emancipate your mind and your soul. A warm beach. The warm touch of the sea. That feeling left on the soul by being able to swim freely! A unique holiday experience awaits you at Adin, where even the sun shines exclusively for you, only for women. At Adin Hotel, there is more than your dream holiday. Are you ready to spend your most beautiful, most comfortable and most peaceful days on the women-only beaches at Adin Hotel, on the shores of a fascinating Mediterranean atmosphere, and to freely leave your footprints on your private beach? A fully sterile world, offering 100% privacy, completely hidden from hotel rooms or other areas, designed especially for our female guests on a 100-meter-long beach, Refresh your soul, renew your energy and pamper yourself during a holiday with the pier, changing cabins, sunbathing areas, sun umbrellas, sun loungers, cushions, our Snack Restaurant, and our exotic refreshment service, built over the sea.

From the Nature From our Garden to your Table...

From the Soil to your plates with your own Hands...
Either you pick them or you wander around. The products that come to your plates, grown in the splendid tranquillity of the soil, are cultivated in our garden. The master chefs of Adin's kitchen while carefully prepare each more delicious dishes, do not compromise on naturalness. Seasonal vegetables and fruits grown in the hotel's greenhouse and garden are picked fresh and brought to your tables. If you wish, you can also feel the magnificent texture of the soil, pick our products cultivated in the garden, and turn your holiday into an exclusive one. Witness this naturalness yourself. Unique beauties that you will experience at Adin are waiting for you.

With Peace of Mind Halal Tastes

At Adin Hotel, utmost care is taken to ensure that every product offered to you meets halal food standards. With our 100% Halal certificate, we think for you of everything to the finest detail and in our hotel and we do not use any product without a halal certificate. We spend ultimate care from the moment the products are procured until they reach your plates. You can enjoy the premium ultra-halal, alcohol-free all-inclusive concept with peace of mind, without any doubts in your mind.

Dream Honeymoon A perfect honeymoon awaits you

The emancipating power of blue. The never-ending energy of the sun. Holiday memories transforming into a fairy tale and leaving its signs at the magical beginning of the happy couples. A holiday filled with privileges exclusive to our honeymoon couples awaits you at Adin.
Love is for two!
At a place where your story is crowned with love, you and your spouse...are you ready to crown your love with a dream-like holiday? Just bring your luggage for your romantic honeymoon that adorns your dreams, we thought of everything else. We promise an exclusive honeymoon holiday, that you will always remember, with a concept and our services we have designed, inspired by your dreams.

Coming from youYour experience is very valuable to us

“We made a reservation during the early booking period. Since we were coming for the first time, there were many question marks in our minds. From the moment we entered the hotel, friendly employees welcomed us, we were checked in and quickly given our room. The cleaning was very well done, the food was great. We had an unforgettable vacation. Thank you Adin hotel.”

Mustafa S. - Almanya
“The hotel we chose while planning our new vacation was really great! As a conservative family, it was very important to us that the hotel offered a clean, organized and modern atmosphere and it fully met our expectations. All the staff were extremely kind, helpful and respectful. The food was also delicious and the location was perfect for enjoying the natural beauty around the hotel. Definitely a place we would like to visit again!”

Seher B. - Istanbul

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