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Flora Room with Garden View

Are you ready for a holiday accompanied by the joyful laughter of your children, as real as the dreams? In our Flora Rooms with Garden View, which we designed by thinking all needs of families with children, where a rich vegetation with approximately 53 different plant varieties, and exotic beauties are located at every corner, we have brought comfort, nature and coziness together for you.
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Flora Connection Room with Garden View

Comfort, convenience and contentment… We have specially designed our unique Flora Connection Rooms for our families with children, to meet your holiday expectations with your dreams. You will have an unforgettable holiday experience in our Flora Connection Rooms, where there are approximately 53 different plants, in natural beauties.
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Flora Duplex Room with Garden View

More than your dream holiday, at Adin Hotel's Flora Duplex Rooms! Are you ready to experience a unique holiday experience in our Flora Duplex Rooms, where you will be surrounded by approximately 53 different plant varieties, be refreshed both spiritually and physically, and find more than your dreams in the middle of natural beauties?  
You will experience an unforgettable holiday in our Flora Duplex Rooms, which are adorned with exotic beauties and where you will all times feel the spaciousness of the Mediterranean azure. On the flower floor of our Flora Duplex Rooms, where you will enjoy the comfort and convenience with your children, there is a children's room with 2 single beds and a parent's bedroom with 1 double bed on the upper floor. For a relaxed, comfortable, unforgettable holiday in nature...
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Flora Coral with Garden & Sea View

Would you like to start the day with the sounds of birds in a lush nature? If you want to wake up also with a unique Mediterranean view, Flora Coral Room with Garden View offers you the exact the peace and comfort you are looking for. Our room, with 100% sea view, meets all your needs in a unique Mediterranean view in a lush nature. 
During your holiday, when you will collect unforgettable holiday memories and have unique experiences, when you want to rest a little, you will be refreshed with the sounds of nature and relieve the stress of the whole year at once.
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Flora Jasmine with Garden View

Flora Jasmine Room with Garden View, with 53 different plant varieties, is exactly the place of need for our guests who want to decorate their holiday with breezes from nature. The right address for those who are looking for a holiday in nature, where the Mediterranean sun will fill your room all day. Flora Jasmine Room with Garden View, which offers a unique holiday experience for families with children with connection rooms, will make the couples who want to spend some special time feel very well.
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