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Premium Duplex Royal Room with Sea View

Our Premium Duplex Royal Room, with 100% sea view; in addition to the bedroom on the 27 m² lower floor, with the second bedroom on the 90 m² upper floor, the living room, the dressing room, the bathroom and the balcony, this holiday where you will stay in Premium Duplex Royal, will be as beautiful as your dreams, as it is in your dreams but at the same time real.
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Premium Duplex Superior Room with Sea View

Our Premium Duplex Superior room with 100% Sea View; are you dreaming of a holiday where you will literally relax and meet with luxury and comfort, just leaving behind the stress of daily life and the hustle and bustle of the city? A holiday as in your dreams but at the same time real and privileged is waiting for you in our Premium Duplex Superior Rooms.
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Premium Suite Room with Sea View

What is your expectation from a holiday? Peace, comfort, contentment... Maybe more... You are just in the right place...
In our Premium Suite Room with 100% sea view, designed with inspiration by dreams, you will relieve all the stress of the business life with the unique sea view and you will be refreshed in the living room and bedroom where you will spend your time in pleasure and rest peacefully.
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Premium Family Room with Sea View

Are you ready for a dream-like but real holiday with your family? In our Premium Family Rooms, where you will relieve all the stress of the intense business life, by looking at the unique Mediterranean view, you will enjoy the holiday of your dreams accompanied with the laughter of your children.
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Premium Connection Room with Sea View

Are you ready to experience a dream-like but a real holiday in our Premium Connection Rooms With Sea View that combine luxury and comfort for you? Our Premium Connection Rooms, which accompany the perfect harmony of luxury and pureness, will maximize your holiday pleasure and make you feel privileged.
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Premium Standard Room with Sea View

Choice of those who seek peace and tranquillity in their dream-like holidays and accept simplicity as their lifestyle: Premium Standard Room with Sea View... In our Premium Standard Rooms, where you will relieve all the stress of an busy year, you will be welcomed by a unique Mediterranean view and the extraordinary beauties of nature.
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Premium Disabled Room with Sea View

We have specially designed these comfortable and cozy rooms where your dreams come true. In our Premium Disabled Rooms with Sea View, where you will fully enjoy the Mediterranean view and find yourself in the middle of exotic beauties, you will feel yourself in home comfort.
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