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Our Organisation

Was taken over in 2015 and the necessary infrastructure works were carried out and it has been opened for all domestic and international guest services with alcohol-free family concept under the name of ADIN BEACH RESORT & SPA HOTEL. With our innovative and sustainable Policy understanding, according to our principles, our company has come to this day by constantly renewing itself for you, our valued guests, from the day of its establishment to our present time so that our guests can be more comfortable. 
Our hotel is located next to the 5-star sea and serves in female-male and mixed sections. 
Currently, ADIN BEACH RESORT & SPA HOTEL continues to operate with superior competition and with the understanding of hundred percent guest satisfaction throughout the region and the country. 
In our world, where environmental awareness is increasing day by day; in order to perform our share and to document the importance we attach to human health, TS EN. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and TS. EN. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System have been established, and in order to follow the importance we give to guest satisfaction more effectively and to solve the problems instantly, TS. EN. ISO 10002 Guest Satisfaction Management System and also for ensuring that all systems in our hotel can be monitored and managed well, TS. EN. ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems were established and carried with due importance.

Our Vision

is to be among the leading hotels in the sector with the structure we have created with international standards.

Our Mission

is to  contribute to the development of the country's tourism and economy with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach while ensuring guest satisfaction by meeting guest needs and expectations in the best way.

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