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Sustainability for a more Liveable future

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Sustainability Report

As Adin Beach Hotel, we aim to explain our environmental approach, social and societal approach in general and the importance we attach to our working life in general terms in the content of the Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Policy

As Adin Beach Hotel; Our sustainability policies determine our company's perspective on this issue. It is our goal to realize the sustainability goals with the steps we will take in accordance with this perspective.
Sürdürülebilirlik Politikası-Adin Hotel

Our Sustainability Procurement Policy

As Adin Beach Hotel, the purpose of the Procurement and Maintenance activities carried out within our organization is to ensure causing the least damage to the environment.
Sürdürülebilir Satın Alma Politikası-Adin Hotel

Our Policy on Vulnerable Groups and Child Rights

As Adin Beach Hotel, this aims to regulate the principles regarding the protection of children's rights in order to protect children who need protection or are dragged into crime and to ensure their rights and well-being. Our children's rights policy is to increase the awareness about child abuse in our hotel and to determine the activities to be carried out in order to protect children from abuse.
Savunmasız Gruplar Ve Çocuk Hakları Politikamız
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