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Selçuklu A 'la Carte Restaurant

We have brought together all the flavours of Seljuk cuisine for you in our Selçuklu A 'la Carte Restaurant. We serve the rich and delicious menus of the unique Anatolian heritage with our menus prepared in master hands with a wide range of alternatives that may also be used in various dinner organizations.

Akdeniz A 'la Carte Restaurant

Our Akdeniz A 'la Carte restaurant, which serves for dinner with the magnificent view of the Mediterranean, offers its guests a combination of taste, perfect service and pleasant dinner times. With the rich options of the Mediterranean, the menu of each more fresh fish and seafood products will be presented to you. You will enjoy eating fish and seafood at Akdeniz A 'la Carte Restaurant.

Osmanlı A 'la Carte Restaurant

You will find the ancient examples of the Ottoman cuisine and flavour and catering varieties suitable for sultans at Osmanlı A 'la Carte. Anatolian flavours of thousand years will meet you at our Osmanlı A'la Carte Restaurant, serving for free. You will experience a historical journey with the examples of elite historical tastes from the Ottoman cuisine.

Texmax A 'la Carte Restaurant

We brought Mexican tastes to the shores of Adin. Our Texmax A'la Carte Restaurant, which offers different tastes that will make you feel privileged with the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, awaits you with unique tastes. You will experience all the specialties of the Mexican tastes with special presentations and a magnificent ambience.
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