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Our Corporate Quality Approach

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Our Quality Policy

Adin Beach Resort & SPA Hotel, together with all its employees, has the determination and operation power necessary to be a leader in the national and international market at all times and to provide the best quality service by protecting nature and the environment.

The main goal of our hotels is to provide all the necessary conditions within the scope of Total Quality Management, to achieve success in Environmental Management, to produce and offer reliable and halal foods, to ensure guest satisfaction, to raise awareness of all our employees in order to meet their expectations and to provide training to gain individual responsibility, and to act in a continuous development and innovation approach.

While acting with the understanding of Total Quality, it is our priority and indispensable management rule to support, protect, develop and maintain the dynamic structure of our quality management system.

Our hotels prioritize hygiene conditions and Food Safety Management System application and halal tourism services for the health and safety of our guests and employees, and take all necessary measures for healthy and halal food production and presentation.

While carrying out our activities, we determine their impacts on the environment, control the negative impacts, possible hazards and our wastes, take the necessary measures to minimize air, water and soil pollution and energy consumption, and ensure, control and continuously improve the effective use of natural resources. We ensure measures for climate change mitigation, adaptation and protection of biodiversity ecosystems.

In order to determine the expectations and needs of our guests and to ensure the continuity of their satisfaction, we take into account all comments and suggestions coming from the guests, and evaluate them and make the necessary improvements.

By paying the utmost attention to information security, which is the most important asset of our hotels, we evaluate it in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, protect it from all threats that may occur intentionally or accidentally from inside or outside, and ensure security in the collection and processing of information.

All these are performed in accordance with national and international standards and legal legislation provisions.

Our Quality Policy


At ADIN BEACH HOTEL, we are a corporation which aim to "continuously improve" ourselves with the belief that we can always do better by providing an environment suitable for the conditions. We undertake to provide maximum satisfaction by determining the expectations and needs of guests, employees, suppliers and third parties in advance, to ensure that all can deliver their complaints to us at any time and to protect their rights, to provide safe and halal food for guests, employees, suppliers and third parties, and to carry out all activities related to the protection and sustainability of the environment and to fulfil the applicable conditions of the Integrated Quality Management System. We continuously measure and improve our service quality and their satisfaction.

With the service we offer during a period in which the opportunities offered by the hotels are so close to each other, we never compromise from quality service understanding by meeting the needs and expectations of guests, employees, suppliers and third parties at the highest level.
We aim to be a leading hotel in Turkey and well-known one in the world, by complying with the legal requirements related to all our activities and working in line with international standards. In our business, we produce and offer healthy, hygienic and halal foods in accordance with food safety laws and hygiene standards during the raw material purchase, storage, preparation and presentation stages of foods.
In order to minimize the risks that will jeopardize the health and safety of guests, employees, suppliers and third parties and to prevent occupational accidents, continuous improvement is made in all our processes and the latest technologies are followed.
Our indispensable rule is the training of our employees, protection of their human rights and their enjoyment from equal rights making any discrimination in terms of religion, language and race.
With the importance we attach to teamwork and training, and with our peaceful working environment, we ensure that our employees feel as privileged as our guests with love, respect and trust for each other and the service we produce.
In order to protect the environment we live in and to ensure the requirements of sustainable tourism; we fully comply with all the laws, regulations, legislation and rules published about the environment in our country and fulfil all the requirements.
While conducting our purchasing activities, we identify the impacts on the environment, control the negative impacts, possible hazards and our wastes, and strive to minimize the use of natural resources, energy consumption, and air, water and soil pollution.
We ensure that environmental awareness is adopted not only by our employees, but also by guests, employees, suppliers and third parties and competent authorities, and we contribute to the production of environmental protection projects by cooperating with local administrations, suppliers and non-governmental organizations. We take all kinds of measures necessary to provide high quality services, provide employment, and protect and enrich natural life in our locations, and share all our activities with the public in order to reclaim our environment.


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