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Women's Exclusive Sea

You will feel the warmth of the sun on your skin freely in the women's exclusive sea. Are you ready to spend your most beautiful, most comfortable and most peaceful days on the women-only beaches at Adin Hotel, on the shores of a fascinating Mediterranean atmosphere, and to freely leave your footprints on your private beach? Enjoy the comfort at Kleopatra beach, which is completely sterile, not visible from hotel rooms or other areas, which we have specially designed for our female guests on the beach. Pamper yourself

Men's Exclusive Sea

It is time to renew your soul and body In the charming atmosphere of the Mediterranean, on the 100-meter-long beach of Adin Hotel. Meet your holiday pleasure with your dreams on men's exclusive sea, the beach of Adin Hotel, accompanying the sun that will warm you.   
 In our Keykubat Beach, which is only available to the use of our male guests, forget all the tiredness of the year and fully enjoy the holiday.

Exclusive Sea for the Families

A sparkling beach, a deep blue sea... A beach as in your dreams but also real, where your children's joyful laughter will brighten the atmosphere and you will find peace and serenity by leaving the tiredness of the year behind in the glow of the Mediterranean, in our Exclusive Sea for the Families, We promise you and your family an unforgettable holiday.
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