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Our Tastes prepared with 100% Halal food products,
will make your palate experience a festive atmosphere.

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Main Restaurants

Are you ready to taste the gourmet flavours of the world cuisine? You will feel a festive atmosphere on your palate in Adin Restaurant with presentations worthy of a dream-like but real holiday, the most special gastronomic selections and an open buffet presentation. While sweet conversations accompanying the sweeter moments of life...   

In Adin Restaurant with a capacity of 800 people, you will fully enjoy delicious food from the skilful hands of master chefs.

Adin Restaurants

"Adin Restaurant", which is the main restaurant of Adin Beach Hotel, serves breakfast and lunch, dinner and supper, where the most special selections from the world cuisines are offered as open buffets. In Adin Restaurant, which has a capacity of 800 people, you will not be able to get enough of the rich food varieties that come from the skilful hands of master chefs and the long conversations that are indispensable for delicious meals.
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Adin Patisserie

The tastes you will want to get into the dessert crisis are waiting for you in Adin Patisserie. You will have joyful moments with our unique products and boutique cakes, each of which we have prepared...

Adin-i Ala Patisserie

Adin-i Ala; The most beautiful place of Adin...This place is for those who know how to enjoy life, who are aware of its value and who choose to stay for a moment in the present and capture life with i...
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