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Peace, comfort, luxury, privilege and contentment...
are ready to welcome you in our Flora Connection Room with Garden View!

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Flora Connection Room with Garden View

Our Flora Connection Rooms located in the rich Flora Garden, 
where nature meets comfort 
are literally prepared for families with children. Opportunity of passing between the rooms makes life easier for families with children. Our Flora Connection rooms consist of the combination of 2 Flora rooms and all of these spacious 56 m² rooms have a balcony, 2 bedrooms and 2 separate bathrooms. It is possible to stay up to 5 people in our Connection rooms, which are designed for you to have an unforgettable holiday with your family. 

• 2 bedrooms 
• 2 balconies 
• 2 TVs 
• 2 WCs and bathrooms 
• Shower cabin in the bathroom, WC, telephone, hair dryer  
• Optionally adjustable air conditioning 
• Minibar 
Kettle (Tea Types and Cup Set)
• Digital safe where you can put your valuables 
• Telephone 
• Electronic door card 
• Door Binoculars 
• Fire Detector
• Wireless internet access are available free of charge. 
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Flora Room with Garden View

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